About FGC

Welcome to the Future Green City World Congress! From 23 until 26 September 2024, over the course of four days, more than 3,000 experts from around the world will share their passion and knowledge about the liveable green city with a future here.
The Future Green City World Congress is an initiative of Royal Association Stadswerk the Netherlands and Royal Dutch Association of Landscapers and Gardeners (VHG). In Utrecht, they bring together the worlds of green and civil engineering, in cooperation with World Urban Parks (WUP) and the International Federation of Municipal Engineering (IFME). The congress connects construction, greenery, infra and water. By showing different solutions and by connecting networks in these domains, we are building a city with a future together.

As organisers, Stadswerk, VHG and the City of Utrecht warmly welcome you to the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht. For four days, this is the place to hear the best speakers and see the most inspiring examples of green transformations of cities from all over the world. And above all: here you can engage in conversation with peers from all parts of the world.

Seven programme lines will address the most pressing social issues: climate adaptation, energy transition, biodiversity, inclusiveness, transformation strategies, asset management, design, circularity, and health. Besides lectures and case studies, there will be excursions in Utrecht and to other Dutch cities, debates, design workshops, master classes, science labs, workshops, film, theatre, serious games, early bird sessions, a photo exposition, a trade fair, side events, and much more. There will be a choice of over 200 sessions by over 400 speakers.

Teams of students from universities and colleges are taking part in the Future Green City Student Challenge, culminating in the final at the world congress. In an ‘Extreme makeover’, participants will convert a petrified neighbourhood in Utrecht into a green, healthy, biodiverse, and climate-adaptive urban oasis in four days. The presentation of the International Association of Horticultural Producers’ World Green City Awards 2024 will also take place.

In the evenings, participants will get to know each other and the city of Utrecht. In short, enough to hear, see and experience during these four inspiring and unforgettable days!